Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Diary 2009 to Riots Pt 6

NN 12/05/2011
Of course the eco-fascists ( perhaps particularly Millband ) in the Labour party want the Con-dems to proceed with deep carbon emission cuts as it will increase the number of people out of a job by the next general election and theoretically increase Labour's chances of being returned with an overall majority. The only problem is that the 2008 Climate Change Act could by then become the dead albatross hung around Milliband's neck, voters voters everywhere but not many for him ?
After intermittently watching the coverage of the Energy Bill going through the HoC I can't help speculating that it is little more than the blueprint for a complex investment scam for the benefit of the Banks and big business. If anything the provisions are vague but its clear that it will be of no benefit whatsoever to small business. Unless you are replacing a 25 year old plus boiler it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to recoup their alleged energy cost saving during the period of the proposed loans. It would appear that unless the interest rate is capped at less than 3% any overall financial advantages to the energy consumer are less than clear.
On the bright side the member for Bracknell did point out the glaring omission of any reference to the Severn Barrage, perhaps the only truly viable alternative energy project on the table. The whole bill is a rushed dogs dinner and Tim ( nice but dim ) was bleating how the government should not take any notice of Vince Cable for once talking common sense for the first time in ages. It should appease the eco-fascists sufficiently even if the government do not foolishly follow the 2008 Climate Change Act to the letter. A simple subsidised boiler scrap programme open to any tradesmen would have been far better, it remains to be seen just how many people are prepared to take out the proposed loans.
NN 17/05/2011
The above link was posted on the BBC web page yesterday and BBC North West Tonight duly dispatched one of their key reporters to stand in the rain outside the former ICI chlorine plant at Runcorn. It was well reported on the lunchtime NW news but having waited in anticipation all day it failed to appear on the peak time evening bulletin. After correspondence via facebook asking what was going on and was it some BBC eco-fascist plot to keep the general public in the dark about what's actually going on with the Climate Scam, I got the following reply.
" no conspiracy. Ineos Chlor declined to allow us on to the site and wouldn't put anyone up to be interviewed. Without the main player in the story it woudn't have sustained a full item. We did carry the story as a short news item. "
Perhaps hardly surprising when today it has emerged that the corporates have " done a deal " ( in fart filled air conditioned rooms now that smoking is no longer allowed ) so that they can get an opt out. This probably means that everyone else ( small business and householders ) will have to pay twice as much over the top for their energy.
The coalition perhaps having realised their mistake ( not economic ) have said that they will fully review the policy in 2014, a full year before the election they are bound to lose if they persist with the provisions of the 2008 Climate Change Act. However, by then the damage to our key manufacturing infrastructure will probably be irreversible, no need to worry about defence, we will have nothing worthwhile to defend anymore, perhaps five million at least unemployed by then ?
Me #6
I can't help speculating that the alleged opt out the collective corporates have got themselves against energy price increases due entirely to the 2008 Climate Change Act is unlawful under EU competition legislation. Its clear that it gives those large companies ( FTSE 350 listed ? ) an unfair advantage over smaller companies. Obama has introduced a similar sounding US scheme to opt out " Fortune 500 " companies from mandatory health insurance for all their employee's, the small companies have to pay it. Its all part of the " Corporate Nazi " ideology festering in trans Atlantic politics, all about cementing a Corporate Multinational Cartel, the virtual corporate ethnic cleansing of all low and middle income people in order to turn everyone into the slaves of the Banks.
Notepad 19/05/2011
It would appear that UKIP and particularly Farage are not a true change of government at all, even if we do come out of the EU with UKIP we will still be run by a set of stock market parasite puppets and the threat to our freedom will remain. Also UKIP don't get my vote if they are backing the eco-fascists and the energy cartel stopping waste incinerators and potentially cheaper electricity !
BBC keeping really quiet about this, but then their entire pension pot is riding on the Climate Scam !
It would appear that the current pension change proposals are simply a tool to outflank what is likley to become a mass opt out of NEST as introduced in 2012. Like everything else the Corporate Nazi puppet government embarks on its all designed to provide a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasite. What a neat little scheme to get low income people to subsidise fat cat eco-fascists like Jon Snow and others on high earnings who currently hold private pensions.
‎@Guy, good points but perhaps the most ridiculous speed limit is the 40 Mph limit for HGVs on single carriageway A roads, perhaps the only theoretical technical justification for it was a phenomenon know as " Brake Fade ". With modern brake lining materials this problem has been all but eliminated, and many main trunk roads re-engineered to virtual motorway standards anyway. Far more potential danger being a " Leg-Iron " at 40 and risking a head on collision as some idiot in the wrong gear tries to pass you, which probably explains why most competent HGV drivers totally ignore it.
Corporate Nazi Thought Police out in force tonight ? Or is it just that you wish to hide the truth just because of one word on the comment in the link probably designed to give people the excuse not to see the whole thing. More and more climate scientists are likely to come out with the truth about the Climate Scam especially now its clear politicians are using it as an excuse to introduce Nazi policy against lower income people. At least the Tories have pledged to get rid of the bin infringement fines as intoduced by eco-fascist fanatic Joan Ruddock !
What the idiot Green Party fail to comprehend is that its the mega wealthy pushing the carbon taxes because they have a disproportionate effect on lower income people, any excuse to keep the top rate of income tax low. That is not to say that high rates of income tax on the wealthy is a bad thing, the point is that income tax should be based on the number of people you employ directly full time. Taken to the extreme you can say that some genuine people who employ lots people would pay very little income tax at all, although it probably doesn't apply to stock market parasites and other celebrities. 
The only practical way we are going to provide secure energy for the UK is to embark on a programme of building local waste incinerators throughout the UK. And before you trot out all the green propaganda with the latest flue gas scrubbing technology there are no toxic emissions into the atmosphere whatsoever. Wind turbines are simply pointless and whilst there is some benefit from solar photovoltaic, solar water heaters are a non starter in the winters we are likely to experience. The idiots at Settle forked out 250k in shares for a 50kw river weir project which only cost 50k, far too much when you consider the output would be wiped out with 17 kettles at brew time.
Waste food recycling is just another pointles Green Scam. Its patently obvious than any such service is not going to save one single ounce of CO2 by the time you take into account the fuel used for regular collection. It would appear that household waste recycling is nothing more than forcing all council taxpayers to pay the equivalent of a medieval religious indulgence in order to espouse the guilt of the profligate who throw loads of food away in a world full of the starving millions. But then being " environmental group prescribed " alleged eco friendly has now become a " quasi-religion " in itself over the past 30 years.
Likewise Meat Free Mondays, a " Corporate Nazi " inspired attack on small hill farmers in the hope that loss of market will induce their Corporate Ethnic Cleansing. We all know the wealthy green funders want to move into the country to avoid the anarchy in towns when the power cuts start due to reliance on wind farms.
NN 19/05/2011
The Brighton Green Party were featured in The Daily Politics today outlining their key objectives including waste food recycling and meat free Mondays in all council establishments.
Waste food recycling is just another pointless Green Scam. Its patently obvious than any such service is not going to save one single ounce of CO2 by the time you take into account the fuel used for regular collection. It would appear that household waste recycling is nothing more than forcing all council taxpayers to pay the equivalent of a medieval religious indulgence in order to espouse the guilt of the profligate who throw loads of food away in a world full of the starving millions. But then being " environmental group prescribed " alleged eco friendly has now become a " quasi-religion " in itself over the past 30 years.
Likewise Meat Free Mondays, a " Corporate Nazi " inspired attack on small hill farmers in the hope that loss of market will induce their Corporate Ethnic Cleansing. We all know the wealthy green funders want to move into the country to avoid the anarchy in towns when the power cuts start due to reliance on wind farms.
Mork #11
People would benefit a whole lot more if all their waste went into a local incinerator to produce electric, you could even get to a stage where you were paid 10p for every scrap tyre you took in. Local waste incinerators have the potential to reduce the local council tax or at least release money to be spent on worthwhile policies. Probably the end of fly tipping problems as well, but the Green Party apparently want to keep the current energy providers virtual cartel ?
Except in the case of aluminum cans recycling its totally pointless, grinding glass down using fossil fuel to turn it into sand which can be dug out of the ground easy with actual environmental advantage in the long run. The green party like to pretend that all the plastic exported to China is recycled, when in actual fact its burned in a most environmentally unfriendly way. I believe that there is technology available to strip out the aluminum from household waste which could be done prior to incineration, but steel is easy to recover from the ash with magnets. Considering that at least 60% of the household waste could provide useful fuel, especially the plastic packaging and carrier bags the eco-fascists so despise.
And Mork, please don't make your self look so stupid by basing today's incinerators with flue gas scrubbing using worn out 1980s pollution statistics. We are a mile and a half down wind burning toxic print waste solvents, tyres and even BSE meat and bone meal at our local cement works with no environmental problems. The plant is fitted with one of the latest flue gas scrubbers, which I and others fought to get in the mid 1990s. There have been no pollution problems since then, and it turns out that even the kiln ash which some environmentalists once attempted to portray was deadly toxic is now being sold to farmers as fertiliser with good results and big demand.
Mork #30

Are you so utterly gormless not to realise that everything we are sold by governments is complete lies, the climate has always changed naturally and whilst we may be able to trace man's fingerprint ( waste heat emitted alone ) its the Sun which drives our climate. You also need to take into account fluctuations in the earth's orbit around the Sun but its clear if you look at roman port remains ( like Chester ) they are far higher up than today's sea level, even when you take into account that the west of the UK is rising slowly.

The thing is that you can't really trust any science since the Moon landings, especially when you cant get the astronauts who claim to have been there to swear on a bible that they actually stood on the Moon ?
Raiding private pension funds through taxation would appear to be the logical thing for governments to do when you consider that the stock market would be in meltdown without the bailouts anyway and private pensions worth little or anything at all. Its all pointless in the end, everyone including the US and UK will have to default on the debt, its simply not sustainable to keep increasing taxation on real working people and especially those on low incomes to provide what has become a true welfare state for the stock market parasites.
It would appear that the eco-fascists have stepped up their bleating about shale gas " fracking " since trials between Preston and Blackpool proved to be most encouraging. The deep shale extends up the Ribble valley as far as the big end of Pendle Hill, but most of the farms have mains water so no chance of setting lite to the cold tap. I suppose that they could undertake a promise to connect any rural properties affected to the mains system at whatever cost. That aside it will be sustainable jobs in rural areas which may be why the eco-fascists don't want it, but more obviously ( as with the case of waste incinerators for generating electricity ) it penetrates the current energy providers cartel.
Just how stupid are these people who subscribe to environmental groups, most of them allegedly join them as some sort of virtual protest about the corporates. Yet it would appear that groups like WWF ( as seen on the BBC ten O clock news ) are doing exactly what the virtual corporate multinational cartel want, stopping any attempt to allow any form of true free market in energy ( as with carbon taxes and floor prices ). The fact is that shale gas has cut the overall price of gas ( talk of a gas glut ) but I can't see the UK benefiting from it unless something similar happens here. Once again our true sustainable economy and potential lowest cost of living for the average person is hampered by the actions of alleged environmentalists.
11/6/2011 Local Paper
It is sad to see such a senior local Tory as Ken Hind attempting to jump on the " alleged green " bandwagon when it is becoming increasingly more apparent to the more well informed ( especially via the internet ) people that " Global Warming " now rebranded " Climate Change " is little more than an investment scam. It would appear that the whole object of the " zero carbon " homes initiative is to increase the price of new houses thus making it even more difficult for lower income locals to get a foot on the housing ladder.
Furthermore reports from people who have already got alleged green homes suggest that they are finding problems with damp and having to make traditional alterations to solve the problem. The same principle applies to cavity wall insulation where the evidence suggests it rots your floor joists where they go into the wall. It may be ironic to suggest this but perhaps their plan is to make all existing homes unfit for human habitation, and therefore force you to buy a new one.
As for the alleged green jobs aspect it would appear that at the current time India is the main beneficiary, I've already been cold called three times from obvious Indian call centers inquiring as to whether we want loft and wall insulation.. The fact is that our walls are over two feet thick solid ( our house probably dates from the little ice age), the roof was insulated when it was done up in the mid 1980s and has since been double glazed. I suspect that many properties in the Ribble Valley are in a similar position.
Its high time the population woke up and protested against the current 15-20% " Private Tax " on their energy bills to pay for wind farms and all this other green nonsense. Its the environmental groups who are stopping real progress towards true sustainable energy like a full Severn Barrage and Morecambe Bay has potential also. Likewise energy from waste, we could get up to 10% of our electricity this way and far cheaper, but that would smash open the current energy producers cartel, ( as always in the last 20 years environmental groups working in the interest of big business ).
NN 07/06/2011
Like private care home provider Southern Cross the NHS overall business plan and therefore its secure long term future is compromised by the PFI contracts, an exact mirror image of Southern Cross's arrangement with its corporate landlords. Unless the NHS can significantly restructure its PFI deals the cost to the taxpayer will be unsustainable, but then perhaps the puppet politicians plan was always to create a welfare state for the stock market parasites ?
As usual perhaps naive Newsnight journalists have totally missed the main point in the main story, namely ( at the at least ) circumstantial evidence of UK state sponsored eco-terrorism. Without undercover police assistance ( said to have arranged and paid for buses for transport to demo ) its probable that the said protest would not have occurred in the first instance. In previous coverage its was said that corporates also had moles embedded and how convenient was it that at the time when the 2008 Climate Change Act was going through parliament to portray mass public opposition to coal fired power stations ?
Mork #39
There are none so blind as those who will not see, its patently obvious that the environmental movement as a whole has been working in the interest of your beloved KKKorporates for at least the past 20 years. We would have had waste incinerators everywhere by now if it were not for eco-fascist Aristotle science, land fill would be down to around perhaps only 10%. Similarly with the Severn Barrage, its been on the drawing board as long as I can remember yet as soon as it looked like getting off the ground the eco-fascists were and still are in their bleating stupidity again. That is not to say that energy privatisation is a good thing, but there was nothing against the government doing it on their own bat if a private bidder had not been forthcoming ?
NN 13/06/2010
If there was ever evidence to prove that the whole object of ConDem welfare reform is basically providing a welfare state for the stock market parasites, perhaps today's announcement by Lord Freud that the 26k cap on benefits will be suspended in certain circumstances. It does not take that much imagination to perceive that exceptional circumstances probably means cases where stock market parasites are renting out even not that big houses on 100% housing benefit in London for perhaps over 20k a year. Of course if their benefit claimant tenants were forced to move out they would loose their income, and in addition house prices would fall in the local market. This is a double whammy for Freud's stock market parasite mates, as if they have to sell their house into a falling market they will also have to sell the shares they have borrowed against it ?
After watching to night's obvious BBC eco-fascist report on the slowing down sun spots it is patently obvious that the eco-fascists are desperate to keep their investment scams going. Obviously Susan Watts cannot be taken seriously anymore and it would appear that Kirsty perhaps deliberately gave Greenpeace stooges ( IPCC obviously Greenpeace stooges after my post yesterday about how they had written the IPCC report on renewable energy, ( one sided biased studio debate again) ) an easy ride because she is soon likely to be drawing her BBC pension based on the success of their Climate Scam.
NN 17/06/2011
It would appear that everyone including disability charities have totally missed the main point about the remarks by the member for Shipley. which are in fact based on the truth. The truth is that nobody is going to offer a job to a person with any long term health problems when there are totally fit people in competition for said job. The fact is that to remove or refuse ESA from anybody with a proven track record of chronic illness ( or set any means test time limit to ) it is basically a freeze and starve to death sentence.
One thing that your Internet search experiment probably proved was that the eco-fascists have got the searches on " are wind farms efficient " sown up. Perhaps no big surprise given that Google are allegedly one of the 70 KKKorporates pushing for a 30% reduction in CO2 target in the EU ( according to my earlier post #8 ) ?
NN 23/06/2011
Perhaps today's vote on circus animals more than amply proves that Westminster politicians care far more about animals than people, but perhaps then they are just representing the inner guilt of a generally uncaring population. If MP's did actually care about people they would have voted against or at least significantly amended the Welfare Reform Bill the other week, but perhaps they just reflect the abject ignorance of the bulk of the UK population after 25 years of eco-fascist propaganda from the likes of the BBC.
The fact is that the corporate fascist don't like the circuses because the are mostly family run businesses, no chance of selling shares for the stock market parasites. Similarly they tend to run old trucks like 1980s ERF's and therefore contribute very little to the corporate cartel, all cash payments so no need to get deep into a bank loan and pay " private tax ". The simple fact is that the corporate fascists want everyone controlled by a FTSE listed company in some way, usually a franchise or some other straightjacket where people can all too easily end up working self employed for less than minimum wage.
I understand that they have got Indian call centres selling this alleged government sponsored " to create green jobs " home insulation scam and are offering loans to do it, paid to the energy company which does it through your energy bills for the next 25 years. If you sell your house the supplement on the extra bill passes on to the new owner, I suspect that some bent property developers will be going round buying houses to insulate and then pass on to idiots at a vast profit.
I hate to use a WW2 analogy but perhaps the current position of mainstream politicians in general as regarding the Climate Scam science screams parallels with the totally fictional inventive mind of double agent Garbo who had Adolf Hitler and almost all the rest of the German high command believing everything he said regarding the invasion of France on D-Day !
This time its the Banks trying to asset strip our economy and render us all virtual slaves to a welfare state for the stock market parasites. China could probably walk in unopposed, but if anyone was to invade it would probably be a Wall Street sponsored US to claim all the money back when we default on the debt.
Mork #15
As for China and renewables its obviously better than nothing for remote rural areas but the Chinese leader guy looked pretty hacked off the other day when he was forced to listen to Cameron blathering on about carbon capture and storage. Furthermore,the combined EU eco-fascists ( and Cameron supporting them ) have almost certainly cost the UK economy the RR engines and the wings for the new fleet of Airbus planes Hong-Kong airlines were expected to order at a trade fair the other week.
NN 08/07/2011
David Cameron's perhaps undeniable error in judgment over hiring Coulson perhaps illustrates his failure to listen to advice on subjects like energy policy and particularly green taxes. He was warned in private about Coulson but no less than his own business secretary has publically warned him against carbon taxes etc, and the implications of religiously following the specification of the 2008 Climate Change Act. It doesn't really matter about Coulson himself, but the future of our manufacturing industry is on the line with the Climate Scam, unless action to turn the supertanker is not taken soon the damage could become permanent.
#24 Mork
Before you go on about kkkororates according to Ch4 News its probably going to hit the one man bands harder than the big long distance boats. Witteringstall was on blagging his way out of the conclusions, saying it should be administered locally, but that will cost far too much so no chance in reality. The eco-fascists have screwed the coastal fishing industry buy planting wind farms everywhere, most probably in the best fishing grounds as well. Its all a very clever Corporate Ethnic Cleansing plan, like most alleged green policy, increase the financial apartheid between rich and poor.
The only reason the Tories have given the Thameslink deal to the Germans is so their stock market parasite backers can CHANGE MONEY on the deal. Labour are just as bad as it was them who wrote the contract specification but I can't help speculating that the 2008 Climate Change Act significantly handicapped the Derby bid. Making trains is a pretty carbon intensive job so any taxes on carbon are going to significantly increase production costs.
Even if we come out of the EU, the stock market parasites will still be pulling the government strings, so in reality we will still get ripped off just as bad. Murdoch is just one of many stock market celebrities who simply don't care about welfare of anyone, unless you can remove them from the equation the UK will continue its slide into becoming at third world country, but worse as the poorest in society will be forced to freeze to death in winter.
NN 22/07/2011
Just one small anecdote which occurred to me after watching the the Monckton debate #8 was !
What kind of true environmentalist would support a policy which increased the amount of one of the most toxic substances know to science in circulation within the community.
Perhaps the reason the EU banned traditional light bulbs was nothing to do with saving the planet but a key factor in buying the consensus of Spain on EU policy in general. I believe that Spain is the worlds leading producer of Mercury, there was once an OU prog on the BBC about the mining and how strict limits to exposure were in force.
As usual with any alleged green policy Its probably all about promoting false economic growth, and thus increasing the financial apartheid between rich and poor.
NN 29/07/2011
The list of potential skullduggery in the Murdoch saga grows ever longer but I can't help speculating just how much of UK government policy has been significantly influenced by this man and his associates. Two particular areas of policy stand out because there has effectively been " no real change " as a result of the general election.
Firstly welfare reform, where the Tories have effectively adopted everything Labour was implementing, particularly relating to the abject mistreatment of the chronically sick and disabled, effectively branding everyone on Incapacity Benefit as scroungers. The collective Murdoch press has been at the cutting edge of the propaganda against the sick and disabled, with side kicks from the stock market listed Daily Mail and the Express, but then they are all targeted at the same " ignorant idiot " market. Its almost as though Murdoch had personally written welfare reform policy to impress his stock market celebrity stable mates, perhaps it would be well worth someone investigating his personal links ( if any ) with Labour turncoat now Tory Lord Freud ?
Secondly climate change and energy policy, I can't remember the Sun ever covering the climate gate scandal prominently, although I never buy anything from Murdoch personally I never saw anything about it in the TV paper reviews. More recently The Times would appear to be avoiding adverse comment on energy policy, and as it turns out SKY are currently match funding eco-fascist WWF for their advert " three quid a month to save a jaguar ". There are also other green wash adverts about alleged sustainable paper, so it would appear that Murdoch interests are well in on the Climate Scam gravy train ?
It may be reasonable to believe that Murdoch and his celebrity stock market parasite associates have been the main driver of the ongoing " Corporate Nazi " ideology festering in all four mainstream parties in UK politics. The welfare reforms and climate change policy ( in combination in particular ) echo the eco-fascist high priest stated aim to " kill all defectives ", no need for concentration camps, far more profitable to freeze and starve people to death in their own home.
NN 06/08/2011
Muse # various.
Its traditionally my job to berate the stock market parasites and we could easily be on the brink of a total global stock market meltdown, which will inevitably cause all the Banks to go bust, and with them lots of FTSE listed companies. Of course if we idly stand by and do nothing the result could end in serious civil unrest, but perhaps we need to take the following approach.

1. Nationalise all the UK listed Banks, and then if the companies they have lent to can't stump up the cash, ( no asset stripping allowed ) nationalise them also.

2. Introduce a Citizens Income at a level where everybody can afford to keep warm and dry and have a full belly.

3. Introduce a tax system where it pays dividends in tax credits to employ people and prescribes a maximum wage for those not directly employing others.

4. Established small business should be able to stand on its own feet, but the individual units of FTSE companies need to be converted over time into workers cooperatives.

5. All mortgages which go into default converted into National Council Houses, and their occupier charged a suitable rent, ( no need to throw anyone on the street )

By doing the above it should be possible to reach a position where all cash savings are valid up to the 85k bank limit, all National Savings accounts retain full value.

In this way the National Bank will have money to invest in our future !

Rough outline anyway, anybody else got any ideas ?
# 5 Jericoa
It would appear that none of our current mainstream politicians have got a coherent plan to release our economy from slavery to the banks and their stock market parasites. My # 15 last night was probably the first such plan ever published in outline, just need to broaden the debate, many who once thought the defaulting was never an option now take it as a normal position, no real ideological objections.
Whatever happens it can only be a matter of time before the combined value of the FTSE 350 is under what the government has already stumped up to rescue the banks. It will echo the position of the Big Four railways after WW2, the government could not afford to pay them for the transport services they had provided during the war, but without the money for services rendered they could not afford the interests on the loans the government had given them during the 1920s and 30s. I do believe that eventually the former shareholders got a minimal dividend under nationalisation, the government bought all the shares back in the 1970s.
Anyway nobody can afford to keep paying anybody if it goes on, perhaps leading to anarchy in some of the bigger cities, I suspect that elements of the BNP will try to start a war with the Muslims. It is vital that we avoid any significant civil unrest, when the pay cheques stop appearing in peoples current account who knows what could happen.
Nationalisation under the umbrella of the UK Peoples National Bank of which every citizen would have a share in the form of interest every month would probably be the only sane option. Just do it on a financial year end, perhaps the first after the election which could be called soon on Cameron's judgment. Saw or herd something the other day that Cameron hired a private investigator to vet Coulson, wasn't done through official government channels at all.
When the private banks and their theoretical assets are taken over we could actually achieve a true free market system in our economy, sweeping away the current cartels in areas like energy and public transport. Its all out there to play for, people with genuine talent will be able to prosper, forget the universities except for science related subjects. That of course would need a purge of all the Marxist tutors ex-students refer to, but likewise all the alleged right wing people who have overtaken economics.
Whatever we do we have to make sure what emerges from a global stock market meltdown makes sure that we don't end up like Somalia, everybody needs to think outside the box !
#44 Mork

The only low carbon energy we need will come from a publicly funded Severn and Morecambe Bay barrage, but that's not even on the table due to stupid wind farm projects. Wind farms are useless as they need fossil fuel backup, a carbon tax or carbon floor price will cripple what little remains of our now almost niche market energy intensive manufacturing industry. Perhaps if you understood engineering you would be able to clearly see that carbon intensive industry is vital for the viable future of our nation. What company in its right mind is going to come to the UK to set up in business if they can't trust that the electric will be on 24/7/365, current energy policy is just a pointless sacrifice on the altar of the eco-fascist quasi-religion.

The UK is not Spain so you can't make comparisons there except to say that now Spain has its alleged green jobs their unemployment rate is 20%, the UK will soon join them unless there is a swift change of direction on energy policy.
NN 08/08/2011
Its just crossed my mind that there is a slight possibility that the recent riots were planned, in that some of the businesses hit hardest, ( one big store set on fire ) and looted were planned as an elaborate scam on the insurance. The main riot targets would appear to be the type of business having a particularly hard time financially ( same companies hit in different locations ), what a really good idea if you can hide your trading losses under a big insurance claim ?
Is this the start of the civil war the eco-fascists and the stock market parasites had planned all along, the excuse they always needed to impose virtual Marshal Law ?
Richard #23
Neat manifesto except that its would appear that the tail end has as usual been poisoned by the eco-fascists, and despite the fact that the majority of the UK population want more food production child indoctrinator John Craven was attempting to portray that it would be a bad thing. The lame argument was that we needed to grow bio-fuel because if we had a bad harvest we would starve. It would appear that they are using good silage in fact enough to feed hundreds of cows for milk and beef to use for bio-gas to burn in an engine to generate electricity, no doubt for a massive subsidy.
I don't have a problem with importing fossil fuel either, I believe that our north sea oil is pretty rich in the fractions used for plastic, but not quite so good for petrol. Perhaps we could swap it for the other type, and yet again the debate is poisoned by the eco-fascists when it comes to using our own coal. Similarly when it comes to recycling, the true sustainable way is to make all consumer goods last a lifetime, then the original energy investment in the metal etc is not lost, and can still be recycled at the end of its life.
All you have to do is think about buying things like a new car and handing it on to your children when they pass their driving test. The sustainable jobs aspect comes in repairing and renewing products designed to last a lifetime. The only trouble is that the media and politicians have got everybody addicted to credit consumerism where everything has to be new or the very latest design, throw away anything else. Their cover for this wasteful practice is to say that its OK if you recycle, but most waste would be far better incinerated, especially the plastic. Perhaps the only legislation needed is a total ban on consumer credit for anything not capable of lasting ( with maintenance ) at least 30 years.
Perhaps the UK addiction to consumer credit and always buy the latest gadget quasi-religion explains and is a major factor why so much looting has gone on in the recent riots. Its the same mind set which causes people to queue up at 5 am to be the first to get the latest i-phone or computer games console. Its all the fault of the media, I can't help speculating that BBC advertising feature programme Click on Line was a significant factor in the looting of PC World, the mobile phone shops speak for themselves, There are now even adverts promising cash for your old mobile phone, it must significantly increase theft rates, and even the BBC riot coverage itself has been product placing smart phones in general, but then even Alex Jones is at it.

For the last 20 years politicians have been pushing new everything especially trains and they never consider the cost to our overall disposable economy. The stupid thing is that the worst trains of all 4-wheel 142 Pacers are still in use on key services, packed like sardine cans when what they replaced was far better, all it needed was an engine upgrade. Its just the same with buses, instead of replacement at end of full life everything had to be new. The situation was not helped by the introduction of traffic calming, it wrecked the old coach built bodies, the new private operators now refuse to run a service on some traffic calmed road it causes so much damage to the new Low Floor buses.

Like everything the politicians come up with on the behalf of their celebrity stock market parasite puppet masters it all about promoting false economic growth and increases the ever deepening financial apartheid between higher and lower income groups. The underclass see the bankers getting away with fraud whilst their cost of living spirals for the benefit of corporate profit, yet another election and no real change in government policy. Why care about the " Big Society " if you or your family are marginalised and criminalised by policy like the smoking ban, a significant proportion of them smoke dope so why not get sent down for a sheep as a lamb.

Once upon at time you could aspire to a car when you were a teenager, now insurance costs are prohibitive to a large proportion of people, the best thing you can aspire to now is the latest computer game. Many people can't even afford that so jump at the chance to loot one under the impression that its unlikely they will be caught. In any case if they go to prison they will at least be able to have a full belly, most of them are already prisoners of the virtual ghetto's ( created by traffic calming ) where they are forced to inhabit. Political correctness has wrecked their local area and aspirations, people can only be pushed so far, perhaps a significant number are now over the edge. We need to think out of the box to find solutions to include them back and give them a tangible stake in society.
Perhaps the proof that Westminster is institutionally corrupt is the fact that they elected Tim ( nice but dim ) Yeo as the chair of the Climate Change select committee, despite his long list of published financial conflicts of interest on environment policy in general.
NN 14/08/2011
I can't help speculating as to whether this week's riots were just what the eco-fascist anarchists had been planning all along and were to some extent a premature ejaculation of what is likely to come in the future. This weeks riots seem cool with the Corporate Nazi's, its all OK if the riot participants are caught on their CCTV camera and prosecuted, any excuse to throw poor people onto the streets. However, the simple fact is probably something different as when the near future riots caused by power blackouts due to over reliance on wind power begin the CCTV will be inoperative. It is clear that there will be no deterrent whatsoever from CCTV and they can arrest and charge as many as they want from last week but we don't have the available prison places anyway. It must be a mistake to cut police numbers further, but perhaps the police in an attempt to secure their empire started the whole thing in order to give the country a taste of what they probably know full well is coming when the power cuts start. Who can laugh at Tony Farrell now !
Coming onto David Starkey and his observations on what he terms as black culture infecting the English under classes, and its true except that " black culture " is now a Corporate Nazi fantasy world. It attempts to portray that dancing the thing to do to enjoy yourself at some wild alcoholic party, with plenty of scantily clad women floating around with the cool black guy pairing up with some nice looking white woman. I listen to pop music on the TV in the background and at the moment their offerings are pretty trashy at the moment, more recently a scenario where the streets are deserted unless everyone is out there dancing in them. The reality is that the ideology put out by the popular music industry bears no resemblance to the lives of ordinary people in reality, but then one witness to the recent riots said it was like in a film.
Every aspect of popular ideology is fabricated these days, you can no longer trust anything the scientists say and the news is full of propaganda like the report on the rebel child allegedly injured by Gadaffi's forces at Misrata six weeks ago. At least Gordon Burns on North West Tonight had the balls to ask Cameron what he was going to do about the bankers and their politicians. He replied that some MP's had been sent to prison but how many of his shadow cabinet had been " flipping ", the Bankers have been looting our economy for at least the last 30 years. At least some key people are beginning to wake up to the truth now and I suspect that many ordinary people have woken up from the corporate illusion. At least it should get a few more people in the habit of keeping up with the news although its not much good if you don't see Ch4 News to cross scrutinise the BBC output. Not much chance of that with Emmerdale / Eastenders / Corrie on the other side, all spewing utter balderdash about how to live your life or what your expectations of life are alleged to be.

My Diary 2009 to Riots Pt 5


Back when I was driving wagons for a living it could be said that I in my ERF was the fastest man down out of Swinden quarry ( nr Skipton ). My closest rival ( Procter ) had a brand new Leyland Daf with air suspension and matching wide frame trailer, yet he would always avoid tangling with me. I say fastest man but my one golden rule was to the whole of the vehicle remain in my own side of the road at all times. I suppose it was a bit like travelling trough some virtual tunnel all carefully mapped out and committed to memory in 4 dimensions.
You got to a stage where even dense fog was not really a problem, its only when I look back that I realise just how good we were generally. The best thing about Swinden was that you almost always loaded out of the plant, where with the use of a stop watch you could get your axle weights perfect. A sharp stab on the brakes at low speed coming down from the weigh-bridge would trim your load and stop it shifting. The loading was a really important factor in the handling of the vehicle especially in the corners.
I had got to a point where you could tell if there had been a new delivery of diesel at the depot just by subtle differences in performance on hills. It was common practice to pass other HGV on a clearance of six inches on the wing mirrors, only when the council were working and installed temporary traffic lights did you realise just how tight the tolerances actually were.
Although technically a B road, the road down from Swinden was fairly wide in most places, although a pedestrian was a real hazard with no footpath. One old bloke used to walk up every morning, then the drivers started offering him a lift just to reduce the danger. Other hazards included tourists parking their cars in blind spots, ( double yellow lines all the way ) if one driver had not put his wagon trough the hedge their would have been a fatality one early morning.
One near miss I had was one winter dinner time on my 3rd run to Burnley, just before the top roundabout on the A59 at Skipton. A Fewston 8 wheeler driver ( and a friend of mine ) let me past him at the quarry so that he would not get under my feet. I wasn't in any particular rush that day but I thought I should show him a clean pair of heels, just a normal trip down on the computer programme. Approaching the Craven Heifer pub I noticed a jogger coming up from the top roundabout and likely to meet me in the narrow bit. I did a semi-emergency stop and came to rest just at the near end of the the narrow bit, the jogger actually ran into the front of my cab after I had been stopped for at least a few seconds. About 40 seconds later my trailer was struck at low speed by the Fewston wagon who had let me past at the quarry. It knackered the cab on the glass fibre Foden cab, and shoved the radiator back into the fan, perhaps a total cost 4,000 quid to fix. The only damage to my trailer was to the tailboard, squashed the sheet in and bent the locking bar, five minutes with the gas axe to fix but knackered for grain in future without packing.
I apprehended said jogger and interrogated him as what he thought he was playing at, and had he nothing better to do in his dinner hour than cause 4,000 quids worth of damage. Also why he was not running somewhere safe and where he would not cause inconvenience like the canal tow path. It turned out that he worked in the building society office and he squealed like a stuck pig when I insisted that he stayed at the scene until the bobby dazzled.
NN 04/01/2011
I can't help speculating that Ed Millipede in his claim that the new 2.5% increase in VAT will impact the poorest the most is in grave danger of being open to the charge of being a hypocrite. I just read Steph Flanders blog where she had calculated that genuine poor people will only be 68 quid a year worse off. Of course you get stung on your phone bill ( probably an essential these days ) but if you don't drive you can theoretically avoid VAT if you stay off the ale.
This is in stark contrast to Ed's 2008 Climate Change Act, which he knew full well would cost poor people 760 quid per household per year just to retain the basic human right of being warm in winter. In a rough calculation it works out at the equivalent of doubling the current income tax rate on the minimum wage.
Clegg often bleats that the Lub-dims have got the Tories to increase the threshold where people start paying income tax, but again any theoretical gain here is more than wiped out appeasing the eco-fascists and their Climate Scam. Alleged " Climate Skeptic " UKIP could have made a big deal of the Climate Scam, but apparently not, its alleged that UKIP activists are running round Oldham East bleating about immigration. Perhaps Paul Nuttall is content to fight the BNP and other joke parties for fourth place, after all, if he has to give up his MEP job he faces a large fall in his income. However, perhaps the truth is that Nigel Farage has been " got at " by his stock market parasite buddies to stop the general population waking up from planet Coronation Street to realise what is likely to hit them in the pocket in the near future.
I had to laugh at your Daily Mail link and I think I read somewhere that in 2010 Scottish wind farms ( alleged to be the most efficient in the UK ) only produced 12.5% of their rated capacity averaged out on the year. On a more sombre note it would appear that current UK energy policy has more in common with Monty Python's Flying Circus than engineering reality. Perhaps " bicycle repair man " will come along and save us from those who wish to continually appease the Knights who say Ni ( the eco-fascists ) with another shrubbery ( yet more wind turbines ) Perhaps the main thing we need to do in 2011 is get out of the Corporate Nazi EU Fourth Reich and whilst I am no fan of the Daily Express I hope their EU referendum campaign is successful.
NN 10/01/2011
Perhaps the Ratcliffe-on-Soar case proves that the eco-fascist protests to close down the said power station were in fact government sponsored. After climategate perhaps the authorities had good reason to stage a high profile mass semi-violent protest in order to attempt to portray that the general public as a whole were fully behind government climate change policy.
Perhaps also proved by the fact that the judge let those protesters convicted last week off with less than a custodial sentence. It was also interesting to note that the eco-fascist leaning BBC perhaps conveniently omitted to state how many hours the community service sentences were for. The last thing we need is for these green lunatics to be let lose in the community to preach their vile quasi-religion to perhaps the vulnerable groups that their ilk would dispose of in the name of the planet first.
NN 13/01/2011
Grass roots alleged environmentalists need to work out what planet they are on, the eco-fascists are working in the interest of the likes of Shell and BP who want to push Gas as the key fuel of the future. Perhaps that explains why Shell and BP were lined up supporting Brown to sign a deal on Carbon Trading at Copenhagen, likewise alleged grass roots environmentalists protesting against any moves towards energy from waste incinerators. Environmental protesters are a bunch of idiots fighting on the wrong side if they allege to be fighting in the interest of true freedom not the corporate slavery their eco-fascist masters promote.
Reading between the lines of the recent coverage of Kennedy etc its pretty clear that the corporate are also sponsoring individuals to infiltrate and fester violent climate activist action. As I said at the time when the first story about Kennedy broke it would appear that the attacks on said power stations were government sponsored in order to make climate change policy look good as if it was pandering to mass public opinion. Nothing could be further from the truth as most of the general public don't have the first idea about what's really going on in the news, and are totally unaware of the raft of energy price increases to pay for all the climate nonsense.
It would appear that he silly stock market bar stewards have sold more than actually exists, perhaps to a point where the real metal might not catch up for ten years, but then gold has few practical uses, the market is based solely on demand from indoctrinated emotions.
Perhaps the main danger to the alleged recovery in particular is that alleged austerity measures like the new means tested alleged " Universal " Credit or far from it will hit 1.4 million families allegedly. Its all part of the corporate Nazi Arch Plan, of which the eco-fascist inspired road fuel tax escalator is a key stone. The object of their exercise is to introduce carbon trading by the back door, road haulage are calling for a fuel duty rebate similar to that offered to regular timetables services. With the likes of Stobbart not likely to go on strike as in any case it would be making all its money from warehousing, back in the early 1990s they were offering free transport into warehousing at Penrith from as far a field as central Scotland. It killed any road haulage competition favouring a far less efficient form of logistics at a higher cost overall to the consumer. All the big corporate customers have gone down that road, just give all your work to one big company when it was once the case that the suppliers would arrange their own transport direct to final destination. Gone are the days when you could load Fife spuds in the late afternoon and have them to Birmingham Market the early morning after for a decent rate.
Companies like Stobbart now mimic the UK railways in the 1960s, and I believe that their drivers are paid only bare 8 quid an hour, most smaller companies pay at least a tenner for far less grief. The thing is that the current Darling inspired RFTE is sooner rather than later put a whole bunch of companies out of business. Many haulage companies will simply pack up as the owner retires or is no longer willing to accept less than the minimum wage, a large coach company in Wales went insolvent last week ( they get no fuel rebate ). It all leads to less competition and therefore transport costs will rocket, thus putting yet more manufacturing companies in financial difficulty leading the closure in a kind of vicious circle.
The thing is that if a large proportion who thought that they could claim JSA find out they no longer qualify after paying national insurance all their working lives the result could be interesting. The thing is that if you live on a low income for any amount of time you loose all the indoctrinated emotion consumer confidence relies on and it could significantly damage their current rigged market.
Perhaps the only thing that really needs to be sorted with our NHS is the PFI scams for new hospitals which are bleeding NHS funds to death. Perhaps any competent government with the alleged " true interest " of our NHS at its heart would end all PFI contracts for a reasonable fixed sum up front or threaten to default on the payments.
NN 18/01/2011
Mindy #19
Your transition idea can never happen with current high and rising fuel prices speaking with the experience of going through the fuel price doubling in the 1970s on the front line. Corner shops were once supplied by a fleet of small lorries, which when the fuel price doubled in the 1970 were no longer economic and hence the move towards supermarkets. A car was then essential if you had a small shop to collect stock from cash and carry, but now the supermarket with deliveries by 40 ft semi-trailers are just as cheap as any cash and carry. In fact shopping at a supermarket is very much like going to cash and carry in the 1980s.
Transition Town eco-fascists are probably working on the Corporate Arch Plan theory that all low income people will have been economically cleansed from smaller towns. Rich people can afford to shop locally, the poor don't count as they will be safely locked up in the larger town ghettos an struggle to survive.
The alarm bells should start ringing when the TUC promote policy in the interest of the stock market parasite speculators. No mention of the damage done to industry by high and increasing fuel taxes or the cost of oil in general. Perhaps Barber is more interested in his forthcoming fat cat pension pot.
It would appear that most of the most committed " warmist's " are really just a bunch of Corporate Nazi's looking for an excuse to inflict pain and suffering on those unfortunate enough to live on a low income in a temperate climate like the UK. They will not be satisfied until all low income people are securely locked up in the ghetto's heavy traffic calming ( pushed by the greens despite the fact they knew it doubles local traffic pollution ) is probably the groundwork for. Thus leaving the rest of our country to the mega rich ( apart from a few slaves ) who will continue to ride around in gas guzzlers and take weekend shopping trips to New York or going skiing.
#22 jim
You know full well that nuclear weapons make the prospect of a world war look bad even in the eyes of the stock market parasites in London and on Wall Street. Their trick is to fester a series of civil wars in all alleged progressive western democracies and eco-fascism is their chosen tool to achieve that. Of course in the UK the conflict is likely to be started on racism, the BNP will ensure that it remains the focus of the Islamophobes. Just the excuse the Corporate Nazi's need to lock down all low income people into ghetto's in order to freeze and starve people to death. After all the Greens and EU pushed the heavy traffic calming from the 1990s which is probably the groundwork for aforementioned ghettos. I can't really post the relevant links again so soon but if you look back through my posts you can find them.
#27 jim
Sadly you are mistaken, the eco-fascists are a key part of the overall global capitalist scam to quietly dispose of the surplus working populations of developed countries. The latest ConDem welfare reforms target the chronically sick first, more severely disabled people can be forced into private care homes and be profitably battery farmed for the time being. All the stock market parasites are interested in is asset stripping what remains of UK manufacturing industry to provide cheap machine tools for further expansion in the far east. It would appear that the UK people have been sold out by the media, perhaps particularly the BBC and presenters with a pedigree which indicate they should know better.
NN 27/01/2011
I can't help speculating that the only obstacle impeding Osborne from announcing the end of the proposed April fuel duty rise are his Corporate Nazi celebrity stock market parasite puppet masters. After all the stock market parasites must be rubbing their hands together at the prospect of a wave of asset stripping of industry on a scale perhaps not seen since the end of the last RFTE in 2000. Furthermore it would appear that the ConDem coalition is stressed by the Limp-Dims hoping to force an eco-fascist agenda, whilst many back bench Tories with more rural constituencies remain climate scam skeptic.
With the cabinet stuffed full of alleged ex-stock market parasites or firm links to the stock market and the fact that the government is apparently content to draw the 50% tax potential on city bonuses, perhaps not really much hope of policy in the interest of the real economy most people rely on for their livelihood. As it has amply been pointed out today, paying benefits as the result of any job losses as a result of increased transport costs will probably more than wipe out the extra fuel duty taken. Perhaps if we want our economy to grow sustainably in future all politicians need to wean themselves off from the current alleged trendy eco-fascist agenda. Likewise the projected enormous artificial rises in the cost of household and industrial energy to pay for wind farms to stand idle at the time we most need them.
In short Repeal the 2008 Climate Change Act Now !
Every Kuwaiti is getting a gift of 1000KWD this Feb as it is the 20th Aniversary of Liberation
EU Climate Scam
The European Union has effectively forced the UK to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020 compared to 1990 levels. This means the destruction of our energy intensive industry, with EU carbon trading ensuring that any closed energy intensive works can never economically reopen. All fairly recent talk of a Thai company buying the closed Redcar steel works has disappeared into the long grass and will probably never happen.
Given the fact that over 1000 top international scientists ( at grave risk to their future career prospects ) now dispute any significant global warming due to CO2 it would appear that anyone who still supports the current Climate Change Scam is either evil or completely ignorant. In a recent scientific development NASA is now saying that the global temperature will only go up 1.64C if CO2 is doubled to 780 ppm and with CO2 only increasing at 2 ppm a year its hardly an urgent problem.
The warmists temperature recording is fundamentally flawed anyway, honest scientists reckon up to 7C heat island effect to all the urban areas where they measure, a large part of the planet is not covered and made up anyway. The New Zealand equivalent of our Met Office has been forced to admit that its temperature data record attempting to portray global warming is false, the real raw data shows no warming since 1960. It is reasonable to suspect that similar manipulation of temperature data has been going on at an international level, perhaps Climategate proved that.
Perhaps the main problem facing the UK is the EU appeasing 2008 Climate Change Act at a potential extra cost of £18.3 billion or £760 per household per year for the next 40 years, and which opens the door to a range of Carbon Taxes, including a tax on coal to make it at least just as expensive as bottled gas in rural areas. Perhaps the alarm bells should have started ringing when oil companies like Shell and BP were fully backing Gordon Brown to sign the Copenhagen Treaty on global emissions trading based on the Climate Scam, because carbon taxes or emissions trading significantly increase the size of the market and price they can charge for the gas they currently flare off to keep the price up.
NN 02/02/2011
Mork #15
You have pretty much hit the nail on the head, but have you actually considered what the stock market parasites have been up to for at least the past 25 years. They have systematically sold off any of our true sovereignty to the highest corporate bidder, now approaching a point where we lack the basic infrastructure to sustain our economy. The energy sector has parallels with Railtrack pre 2000, and soon the lights will start to go out, that is not to say that government appeasing the eco-fascists has not played its part.

If Hitler had infiltrated the UK in the 1930s he would probably have been delighted by the actions of the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites, almost the perfect fifth columnists. Of course successive governments have been prepared to stand by and ignore the destruction of our real economy, twisting the knife with road fuel taxes. All on the basis that the inland revenue was taking a 40% cut on all the massive bonuses, now they have the chance of 50% so no incentive for anything to change.

The past is gone and we have no future in the UK unless we start to reward people good a doing practical things the most, not parasitic money changers. Its all part of the current Corporate Nazi ideology to discriminate against real worthwhile work and apparently reward dishonesty in all things. Having wrecked our manufacturing base, now the stock market parasites expect the taxpayers to provide them with a virtual welfare state to maintain their lavish lifestyles whilst low income people go cold and hungry. The status quo can't really expect to go on much longer or the UK will eventually wake up from the corporate illusion and experience their own Egypt moment.
I can't help speculating that any alleged move towards " philanthropy " by the super rich could end up being focused into the trendy eco-fascist quasi-religion. Big players in global markets using their financial power to lever alleged democratically elected governments into introducing carbon taxes and other policy high on the eco-fascist agenda.
Perhaps the super rich don't really care if low income people are incarcerated in ghetto's and frozen and starved to death to free up the country to make its safe and save the planet for them. After all its often the super rich who often push green investment scams like the alleged mega rich Sikh interviewed in the programme. Also those who allegedly started their their life on a council estate are often the ones who become the most committed Corporate Nazi's. ( promote socialism in the interest of multinational corporations ) How much longer will the ordinary people of the UK be forced to fund the current welfare state for the stock market parasites.
NN 07/02/2011
I've just been watching Justine Greening attempting to spin the treasury out of abandoning the proposed fuel tax escalator rise in April. The SNP put forward a competent case for a total suspension in fuel duty rise plus the introduction of a " fuel duty stabiliser ". However, perhaps now is not the time to introduce such a measure given the evidence ( in my Max Keiser links on #60 Friday's blog ) that oil prices could fall back to between 50 and 60 dollars a barrel when the speculative froth blows off.
The SNP and others look likely to be easily bought off with a rural reduction as in place in other EU countries, Labour simply doesn't care, even though its been caught attempting to practice a policy of corporate ethnic cleansing on rural areas to appease the eco-fascists. Greening was spinning the reductions in " corporation tax " as beneficial to our economy despite the fact ( and this was amply pointed out ) that the small business we need to encourage our economy to grow don't pay it anyway. Earlier Conmoron was bleating about attracting large corporations to the UK to construct offshore wind farms, yet such jobs will only last as long as the associated investment scams.
If we are to sustainably grow our economy for the future its no use relying on the multinationals, we need to grow our own indigenous small business. This can never happen in a high fuel tax economy, and all is lost if the lunatic Westminster politicians allow the introduction of further carbon taxes and the UK is permanently sunk economically. It is pretty clear that if Osborne does not a least permanently abandon Labour's latest RFTE the Corporate Nazi ( nee eco-fascist ) arch plan to asset strip the UK and turn it into some kind of eco-tourist historical theme park safe for the global super rich to inhabit is still on track ?
NN 12/02/2011
Mork #68
Since you apparently subscribe to the eco-fascist ideology ( transition towns etc ) you can hardly comment objectively on Alex Jones or Glen Beck given how much effort they have both put into exposing the Climate Scam for the investment vehicle it has become. The problem remains that both Jones and Beck's ideology is flawed, the only reason the Corporate Nazi thought police allow them to continue. Take Alex Jones support for Ron Paul for example, Paul is a dangerous full blown libertarian who could plunge the USA into a virtual civil war if ever elected as president. Beck has taken the focus off the stock market parasites more recently, concentrating on individuals like Sorros and both hold the pretence that we need to go back to 1776 to solve our collective problems. Things have moved on since then and the major threat to our freedoms is corporate enslavement which could never have been anticipated even only 100 years ago. The same principle applies to the European Human rights act, any new alleged British bill of rights needs to reflect modern circumstances.
NN 17/02/2011
I believe that motor insurance premiums have sky rocketed in 2010, probably mostly on the proposed means testing of alleged Universal Credit which turns out not to be universal at all. All those past accident victims who received compensation and managed it prudently are to loose all their benefit if they have investments over 16k, and will lose benefit down to only 6K. Not much point attempting to save the deposit for a house if when you lose your job even temporarily you have to eat into them to survive. The proposed welfare reforms are a charter for the feckless !
Having given the matter further thought perhaps it would appear that today's announced welfare reforms are an attempt at social engineering to split the UK population by financial apartheid, leaving the vast majority permanently skint with a few mega wealthy people on top. It would appear to all be part of an eco-fascist inspired Corporate Nazi plan to force all low income people into areas of towns destined to become Warsaw style ghetto's. Its pretty clear that said welfare reforms could force people made redundant with payments above the means test level to sell their house just in order to live. Of course the obvious result is that they will be forced into low cost often sub standard housing in areas with heavy traffic calming where all the sensible aspiring people have already moved out.
NN 18/02/2011
barrie #26
All the circumstantial evidence suggests that instead of opting for the FEMA concentration camp option like in the US, the UK has been long planning to go down the Warsaw style ghetto line. Perhaps particularly heavy traffic calming is the groundwork for aforementioned ghetto's, which despite the fact that all alleged environmentalists knew it doubled local traffic pollution, groups like FoE and the Green Party pushed hard for traffic calming. Similarly the the police, who's true reason for pushing traffic calming was probably that it made it easier for them to take back streets taken over by any potential rioters.

Humps in the road are ideal for stopping any vehicle gaining enough speed to break riot police lines, or to smash through and potential future gates. I have noticed that areas likely to be the site of gates like the junction into a major road have mega humps just to make doubly sure. Increased crime rates since the introduction of traffic calming have been used as the pretext to close off back alleys and fit them with high fences and gates. Short cut footpaths are also being closed on the same principle, and as crime rate increases due to the spending cuts perhaps the idea of fully gated communities will floated in order to " protect " the people inside. Of course the opposite is probably true, and with the welfare reforms more unemployed people will be socially engineered into living in certain heavily traffic calmed areas.

Its all a pretty neat little plan really, just what the eco-fascists ordered in order to achieve their aim of reducing the UK population to at most half its current level. No need for concentration camps, just freeze and starve people to death in their ( expensively rented from the corporates ) homes. Disposing of all the dead bodies was practiced during the 2001 FMD epidemic, all the big rendering plants ready to roll at a moments notice. Then there is the possibility of contaminating the water in specific areas for mass killing, this has probably been tested in theory as a friend of mine lost all her tropical fish in less than a hour when she changed the water once, never had any problem with it before.

The thing is that you can't trust anyone in authority anymore, perhaps especially overpaid executives like council officers or even anyone in a suit. One factor that bucks the trend is the government are not going forward with the " forced work for your dole " idea being floated by the Corporate Nazi's. It has to be remembered that the whole object of Nazi WW2 ghetto's and concentration camps were to provide slave labour, the extermination factor was secondary in the first instance just confined to disabled and others not considered fit for productive work. However, the proposed welfare reforms wont work on reducing the number of people unemployed so work for your dole will probably be back on the agenda in future. The proposed welfare reforms do appease the eco-fascist ideology to get rid of the " defectives " and I suspect that many of the moderately disabled and chronically sick will be frozen and starved to death. However, the severely disabled should be OK as it will be highly profitable for the corporates to battery farm them in private care homes.
NN 21/02/2011
You can't trust the Unions on the future of our country since they would appear to be in on the " Green Growth " scam which is obviously being used as an excuse to asset strip what remains of our manufacturing industry. Its got so bad now in some big companies that people who would once enthusiastically talk about their job don't want to know anything about it now. Just hoping to get their redundancy payments and be done with it, hardly the frame of mind you need in the workforce if our economy is to prosper. Similarly, all the Union Barron's care about is getting their fat cat pension, not the true interest of their members. I am informed that there is at least an open debate about alleged green growth and the climate scam in Unite, so perhaps some real prospect of true change in the future.
Further from #42 above.
It would appear that you entirely missed the point on the Corporation Tax debate in that if multinationals only have to pay full tax on their UK operations they will be encouraged to shift production overseas. A license for manufacturers to steal all the UK's machine tools and relocate to third world economies with low corporation tax whilst retaining the theoretical brand advantage of their head office registered in the UK. Great for the stock market parasites in London but bad news for those employed in our real productive industry throughout our country.
NN 07/03/2011 The Corporate Ethnic Cleansing of Okehampton
It would appear that the town of Okehampton is the victim of a Corporate Ethnic Cleansing Plan facilitated by the imposition of high road fuel taxes. Its pretty clear that the economy of Okehampton is the victim of eco-fascist tax / stock market parasite speculator oil prices, The banks must have known that Wiseman were planning to close their dairy and perhaps just to twist the knife pulled the finance plug on the frozen food plant and the chocolate factory.
One can hardly blame Wiseman for relocating to Bridgewater as it is probably cheaper to get to the obvious local main market Exeter via the M5 than by A road from Okehampton. Competitive logistics theory is all about reducing costs per mile and utilising drivers hours to the full potential. It would appear that the Okehampton area local small dairy farmers are going to get screwed for collection costs. Similarly I suspect that there was some interaction between the frozen food plant and the dairy as far as chilled transport was concerned. Being primarily a desserts factory, Polestar probably consumed a significant amount of milk perhaps sourced via Wiseman.
It is probable that all the closed industrial sites will be worth more dead than alive to build 500K plus executive housing on. The Banks are also likely to make a killing on all the probable foreclosures on the workers homes, perhaps selling them as second homes to wealthy stock market parasites with fat bonuses. Potential future prices will be inflated on the prospect of the installation of high speed broadband, allowing the stock market parasites to move in full time.
All in all a nice little eco-fascist inspired corporate ethnic cleansing plan, Okehampton was probably one of their key targets. I believe that there is talk of re-opening the passenger rail route to Exeter, and if my memory serves me correctly the Okehampton area was an early victim of the Foot and Mouth in 2001. Nothing I have seen will convince me that all the areas affected by the 2001 FMD were not part of a deliberate eco-fascist plan to destroy the rural economy in targeted areas.
NN 10/03/2011
I think I have said this before in the past but it would appear that private ( company / local authority ) pensions were only ever paid as a bribe to stop people voting anything like communism. Whilst such schemes may have been viable in the 1960s and 1970s, since the fall of the Berlin wall they have become redundant. Similarly most industry has been asset stripped to a point where there are two few contributing to the ponzi, similarly with the public sector job cuts in things like the fire service. Now a large number of public sector jobs are going to be cut in some cases by up to 20%, all less money funding the overall compartmentalized ponzi.
It would appear that there is a good chance that second pension provision is becoming a private tax paid to the stock market parasites to fund mega bonuses. It would appear that the odds are against anyone receiving a decent second pension, people would probably have been better putting it under the mattress. At least that's what an old mate of mine who has recently retired at 65 said in the pub about his private pension. At least he will now get the full proposed 140 quid state pension, current means testing means he can't claim pension credit.
The thing is that if the government agree that you need at least 140 quid to survive on if you are " old " ( premature through disability or otherwise ), why are they proposing to cut and means test the new Universal Credit. It would appear that they are still continuing with welfare state for the stock market parasites NEST next year. My relative says he may have to significantly reduce the ( excellent by today's standard ) rates of pay for the 30 tradesmen he employs, margins on his business are pretty thin at present, and if its 12% employer contribution it could break the back of his business. Hopefully many working people will be well informed enough to lawfully "opt out " by then ?
NN 11/03/2011
#4 barrie

The main problem concerning the " Ascent of Man " is that science has slipped back into the virtual 18th century ( of medicine ) and become a quasi-religion. Unless you are fitted with an efficient set of blinkers ( usually some form of life time debt ) you are not allowed to practice. Thinking outside the box about subjects like the electric universe are frowned upon as heresy, which means that the only avenue likely to precipitate true scientific advances and understanding has become a cul-de-sac !
I suspect that Chris Huhne will attempt to portray that the Limp-Dumps are quite satisfied with the Coalition seeing that the Tories have let Huhne proceed with all their eco-fascist leaning policy initiatives, especially on energy. I suspect that when the truth eventually comes out about the Climate Scam ( or at least the truth about the true Corporate Nazi ideological intention of said policies ) comes out the Limp-Dumps could be toast and rightly wiped from the face of the earth at the next general election.
Perhaps typical of an eco-fascist leaning BBC to attempt to plant a seed in the people's imagination that the UK should avoid building any new nuclear power stations because of the theoretical risk of earthquakes. Shadows of the safety fascists banning playing conkers at school unless you wear safety glasses despite the fact that the affected Japanese reactors are of ancient perhaps US design perhaps not dissimilar to Three Mile Island. At least the prompt woke Huhne from is ideological bubble and he gave a well thought through reasonable answer, but I suspect many will try to play the safety card to delay construction and plunge the UK into regular power cuts.
NN 14/03/2011 Japan
I can't help speculating that the UK media are seriously underestimating the full scale of the economic consequences of the Japan earthquake. Whilst not underestimating the potential radiation leaks it would appear that two other sites are implicated as well as the five reactors at the Fukushima, just how many actual reactors are affected in total. Its not as if said reactors can be brought back on line, they are probably out of action permanently, leaving a real problem supplying the grid for the foreseeable Future.
Its possible that we could be talking in the region of 20% of Japan's generating capacity and one has to pose the question as to what impact that is going to have on Japanese manufacturing industry. That's not counting the possibility that many tools for vital components got lost in the tsunami areas, even if you theoretically could find enough power to actually run the machines. With modern just in time logistics theory major plants could run out of essential components in just a few days. Its reported that several big name companies have already had to stop production at key plants.
Global stock markets should have imploded on Monday morning, perhaps especially the FTSE with its predominance of metal mining stocks the companies of which will have lost major orders in the coming months at least. I suspect that the stock market parasites will come up with some theoretical excuse to buy all their options, the thing is that if they don't buy they lose their deposit. However, they probably have a credit default swap on that anyway but the simple fact is that dividends are likely to fall. That could impact the pension funds really bad, they may not have enough lose cash to cover their annuity commitments without selling into a falling market. Six percent off the Nikkei despite the Japanese government providing a 15 trillion Yen welfare state for their Banks, FTSE actually in positive territory at some stage and have the London stock market parasites now lost all touch with financial reality. It may even be the case that contagion from Japan could hit production at Nissan Sunderland, Toyota at Derby and Honda at Swindon.
It remains to be seen as to whether the global economy can take the obvious long term hit, it would appear that Japan's only option is to embark on a programme building new coal fired power stations. Of course they could try to go for gas, but either way its bound to drive a stake through the heart of the Kyoto Protocol. The British public need to pay close attention as to what what goes on in the Japanese economy over the next few months. It should provide a template for what will happen to the UK economy if politicians persist in implementing the 2008 Climate Change Act. We need to stop all future UK wind farm projects now !
#4 Mork
So it would appear that you support all the other eco-fascist policies like locking all the poor people made redundant when our industry closes into Warsaw style ghetto's. Once upon a time I was all for supporting the Green party but having tried to interact with their establishment it would appear that they have no common sense whatsoever. A vote for the alleged socialist Green Party is a vote for eco-fascism, off the Richter scale on both left and right of the political spectrum, its a quasi-religion !
#16 Mork
Only someone " engineering illiterate " would support the widespread construction of wind farms. I blame our education system since Thatcher, concentrating on pointless feudalism ideology like Shakespeare !
It would appear that this current earthquake is different from those in the past in that Japan has never had such a proportion of its electricity generating capacity almost certainly taken out of action permanently. And whilst the London stock market parasites are frothing at the mouth buying Agrreko shares today ( up almost 10% because they hire out power generators ) and Vendanta ( who allegedly build power stations ) the fact remains that Japan's economy will be seriously disabled for the foreseeable future. Without the full support of the Japanese export market the overall global economy ponzi scheme is on extremely shaky territory.
Mork #27
As you must know full well if you have followed my blog posts over the past years nobody is a bigger supporter of sustainable power projects like the Severn Barrage, in fact I would go for Morecambe bay too. The thing is that unless such projects are state sponsored they have no chance of ever getting off the ground, and ideally they would be owned by the people. However, it looks like we are stuck with the Corporate Multinational Cartel at present, if our politicians had the balls they could take all our energy infrastructure back into public hands. Brown had the opportunity of a lifetime when the banks were going bust but stuffed it to appease the US, the Corporate Nazi's would probably have had him assassinated if he had followed through on his alleged socialist political DNA. We are where we are now and the best hope at present is to give real teeth to the regulators.
yeah two more sites got problems keeping the fuel cool enough to stop it melting
bet we are talking 25% of power generation capacity out of use permanently
what's that going to do to industry
and thats not counting components and the tools to make them lost in the tsunami areas
big names all having to shut down production
stock market should implode tomoz morning
unless they can come up with some wild excuse to buy their options
thing is like that if you don't buy you lose your deposit
prolly got a credit default swap on that though
the only thing is that they will have to build a load of new coal stations and thrust a stake through the heart of the Kyoto protocal
NN 15/03/2011 Middle Class
It would appear that the main problem facing politicians aiming for the votes of the ( alarm clock ) Middle Class is that its become so diluted that it doesn't really exist anymore. Perhaps since the 1970s the middle class has been progressively infiltrated by aspiring actually working class now Ten Bob Fat Cats.
They comprise of the type of people who always have mayonnaise as opposed to salad cream, moan about paying the 12 quid and change pm BBC TV license yet will fork out 50 quid pm for a Sky contract to watch what soon becomes repeated repeats and a bit of sport. Its all about " keeping up with the Joneses " they will always be the first to get all the latest electronic gadget technology, immediately on release when if they waited a couple of years they could get it for a quarter of the price.
Perhaps back in the 1970s if you were thoughtful it was actually possible to climb into the middle class, pay off your mortgage ASAP and start building significant cash savings. That all ended with the fall of the Berlin wall and ever since the ten bob fat cat population has grown on a sea of debt. You would never see a traditional middle class person borrowing either ( directly or indirectly ) against the value of their house to buy a flash car, or to fund exotic holidays. The big thing was to save up for extras, ten bob fat cats buy everything on the never, the bankers dream customers if they fall into overdraft to meet their monthly financial commitments.
Even though ten bob fat cat families may have an annual income of 40k, many of them are in actual fact virtual slaves. They dare not go on strike for any period of time or they face financial ruin, and in any case many are so addicted to consumerism the thought of not being able to afford the latest gadget is unthinkable to them.
#8 Richard Bunning made the valuable observation that " Middle England " had lent its support to New Labour and theoretically the working classes, but it would appear that Labour no longer supports low income people. The point about uniting the working and middle class against the elites has been warped by the right wing press and focused against the least fortunate in society like those who claim state benefits. Of course the OAP is the exception, because more old people vote ( and buy newspapers ) politicians pander to that group, many of which rely on the health of the stock market for the extra income which allows them to pretend to be middle class whatever their origins.
The affluence of the stock market is based on having a plentiful supply of often foolish consumers and the fact that the politicians do everything they can to ensure a continual supply of new ten bob fat cats through the education system. The thing is that quite a few people are now beginning to see through the corporate illusion and the fact that the mainstream politicians have failed them. Whilst it has directed many of the former working class into Islamophobia and in the direction of the BNP most people reject racism. I suspect that Islamophobia is being pushed by the right wing press to take the political heat of the Bankers.
The thing is that it is no longer necessary to go on strike in the traditional way to achieve change, the stock market is more vulnerable to interruption of its cash flow. Perhaps the most productive way for the masses to put real pressure on the government would be to stop buying anything except the bare essential for living for two months.
First on the list and perhaps the easiest is cancelling your Sky contract, then your mobile phone contract and other subscription services even including payments to charities. Once you have stripped your account of all direct debits except for a land line and internet service provider and your essential motoring expenses you may even be able to make some headway on any overdraft you may have Then just buy the cheapest basic food, ( nothing flown in ) stop using the car for all but essential trips. People will soon find that it doesn't actually do them any real harm to liberate themselves from their ten bob fat cat addiction. The actual " Middle Class " can do their extra bit by stopping all their private pension contributions and private health insurance, together the ordinary people of the UK can defeat the banking elites !
Neat link #ecolizzy but perhaps the biggest current assault on the " true Middle Class " is the proposal to means test the new Universal Credit, about which neither Millipede or Clegg have done or said anything. People currently with decent family cash savings ( as cascaded down the generations ) will now be ineligible for any form of disability benefit. That is whether they pass the concentration camp medical assessment as to whether they are actually fit for work in the first place.
People in their 50s who will have paid national insurance all their life only to find that its just another stealth tax. Likewise all those with decent accident insurance claims and managed the capital prudently will find their benefit stopped. It leaves the door wide open for employment agencies to play " skint the family ", only giving jobs to those who can be farmed as bank slaves.
There really is no point saving money in the UK now unless you have at least a million, which would appear to be the cut off point between the new financial apartheid based Corporate Nazi society. Car insurance premiums have already rocketed with the disability changes and for all their bleating about scroungers the ten bob fat cats have saddled themselves with an extra private tax in addition to the stealth national insurance rise for everyone.
NN 17/03/2011
I can't see what is so difficult about scanning my memory for past events ( #14 ) but it would appear that the reason why there is so much spent fuel lying around at the Fukushima reactor site is once again down to appeasing the eco-fascists. Once upon a time Japan used to send all its spent fuel to the UK and the Windscale now Sellafield site for reprocessing. I have seen it on the TV, the Japanese nuclear waste containers were cylindrical unlike our square ones. I believe this international trade link ( we sent the reprocessed fuel back to Japan ) was probably terminated to appease the eco-fascists worried about the transport from the docks in the UK and I'm not sure whether the eco-fascists even planned to sabotage it.
Once again it would appear that appeasing the eco-fascists has once again compounded a disaster they warned about , but then half of China is contaminated with highly toxic waste from the fancy magnets to build wind farms. The same principle applies to the toxic waste dumped in Africa, eco-fascists stop safe clean incineration plant here in the UK so the companies involved really have no option but to pay a criminal third party to dump it on Africa.
NN 21/03/2011
It may be no more than pure coincidence or even an " options bounce " but it would appear that BAE Systems share price has risen 3.68% ( second biggest riser on the FTSE today ) since the announcement of the No-Fly zone over Libya.

Given that the Tory party allegedly gets most of its funding from the likes of hedge funds, I can't help speculating as to whether the main aim of the No-Fly ( since its too late ) zone was to increase the theoretical value of the stock market. Since politicians need only disclose share holdings if they own more than 5% of total company assets perhaps cabinet members could be sitting on a fat profit as a result of instituting the No-Fly zone ?
It would appear that the Yanks have bombed Libya with cruise missiles but perhaps the No-Fly zone is just an excuse for the Corporate Nazi's to wreck the infrastructure. The whole object of the exercise being to force whoever eventually takes over Libya to borrow from the Banks to fix it all. Then the people of Libya ( who its supposed to be in the interest of ) will get nothing from future oil revenue because it will all go on interest and paying back the loans ?
You must have realised now that everything the government messes with is designed to provide a welfare state for the Banks and their stock market parasites, not do things in the true interest of the British people. It would appear that the stock market parasites ( particularly Wall St ) love the No-Fly zone over Libya as interpreted so far, seem to have forgot all about Japan. Perhaps someone should ask the question that seeing that Osborne claims we are skint how can we afford to burn cruise missiles at 300k+ a throw, plus all the extra fuel etc involved. Perhaps all part of the plan to reward the oil and food speculators and their Banks ?
NN 23/03/2011
All in all a pretty positive budget speech by George Osborne but then he had to go and spoil it all by proposing a carbon floor price. The BBC hacks had worked out that what is proposed represents a 1.5 billion tax on home and business energy bills. Its the last thing you need when thinking about starting a manufacturing business, even if the RFTE has been effectively scrapped for the life of the parliament.
Pretty neat alternative thinking to tax the oil companies to make up the shortfall in projected fuel duty revenue plus the token 1p reduction. However, it would appear that the overall Corporate Nazi arch plan to close and asset strip the UK is still on, and green policy remains the key stone.
Perhaps it took a couple of hours to actually sink in, but it would appear that the stock market parasites love Osborne's plan for a carbon floor price. Copper miners up on the prospect of investment in more wind farms, and it seems also oil service companies perhaps not unlike those described at threatened by the new tax on crude oil. Plenty of opportunities for investment scams when the new Green Bank opens, and even more cash than was originally anticipated ?
NN 25/03/2011
I can't help speculating as to whether the BBC will probably attempt to portray that tomorrows TUC March is all about a call for alleged green growth. Its probably true to say that nothing could be further from the truth, in fact road fuel tax protesters are attending, many anti cuts protesters are climate skeptics. I suspect that the BBC will limit its coverage to the eco-fascist section, totally ignoring everybody else.

It may even the case that some people actually welcome the cuts to some areas, for example a sigh of relief sounded from east Lancs when the Darwen to Accrington bus lane scheme was scrapped due to lack of funds. The thing is that they are still spending on green nonsense and I suppose that it could take at least two years before Huhnes Carbon Floor Price starts to seriously put people out of work. Then if the public have seen any common sense at all by that point they will be back marching for the repeal of the 2008 Climate Change Act.

I noticed a couple of MP's from steel constituencies expressing grave concerns about the new Carbon Floor Price and its impact on their industry. However, it would appear that there is but one lonely Peter Lilley opposing the whole ideology of the 2008 Climate Change Act. It would appear that a large number of MP's have sold out to the green quasi-religion, even jeering Lilley for daring to speak out against their Climate Scam. The fact that MP's elected Tim ( nice but dim ) Yeo as chair of the climate change committee ( with a list of financial conflicts of interest as long as your arm ) must imply that Westminster is still totally corrupt, if not even more so than it was in the expenses scandal ?
RVBC Elections, Local Paper
So the time has come for council elections in the Ribble Valley and perhaps fortunately for local people any cuts to services would appear to be minimal. Perhaps that is due to the fact the the ruling political group have not got suckered into any grandiose schemes as suggested by lobbyists. However, there were moments like for example the windmill on the swimming baths proposal. The sad thing was that they had to pay private consultants to prove the idea was a non starter, when anybody with a true grasp of practical engineering could have advised them free, and why do we pay council officers so much.
It looks as though all front line services will be maintained at the current level when other councils are having to cut said services. However, in the current circumstances it is perhaps indefensible to keep funding prestige projects like The Platform Gallery when allegedly four potential apprenticeships for local young people have been abandoned. In fact RVBC could probably kill two birds with one stone if they used the station building as a new expanded tourist information centre.
It would save the enormous cost of building the proposed new centre at the castle gate, plus the rent on the current information centre. Also the station has good public transport links and ample close by parking for those visiting our area by car. The station building is probably large enough to provide a reasonable area for local artists to display their paintings / sculpture for sale , whilst improving the local tourist information aspect also.
NN 01/04/2011
Bit of a one sided debate on the future of nuclear power with Mr. I've got all my money riding on the Climate Scam Jeremy Legget and Monbiot versus BBC eco-fascist editorial policy shackled Steph. Of course Legget is going to say we can replace nuclear with renewables its his job to push solar and wind farms.
Monbiot was totally over the top with the Chinese mining casualties, I can't remember that many fatalities in modern British deep mines. In any case there is hardly any risk with open cast mining, I can't recall any British coal miners being killed in our few deep mines remaining more recently anyway.
Its quite clear that Fukushima means that politicians need to find themselves a good excuse to climb off the Climate Scam. As I observed recently the Fukushima incident thrusts a stake through the heart of the Kyoto protocol, however much Monbiot and other high priests of the green quasi-religion protest
Child of Gore #44
AGW is a complete scam, but that is not to say that we don't need to reduce our impact on the environment. Of course if the Green Party and other eco-fascist organisations were genuine they would suggest that we ban consumer credit on all products not capable of ( with intermediate maintenance ) lasting at least 30 years. We have the technology to do it and it would not increase the first cost that much.
Unfortunately the greens do not have a good track record on policy to reduce our impact on our environment. In fact they pushed heavy traffic calming even though they knew full well as long ago as 1995 that it doubled local traffic pollution.
Perhaps the main reason they pushed it was that the top players knew all along that it was the groundwork for the ghetto's to lock down and freeze and starve all the former manual workers who lost their jobs due to excessive road fuel taxes and now the 2008 Climate Change Act.
It may be reasonable to believe that all the people who still push man made global warming due to CO2 are a pretty nasty set of people in general. Sooner or later the truth is bound to come out and if I had been pushing the climate scam I would be pretty scared of the future repercussions.
Mork #48
You would appear to have had your brains washed by the Corporate Nazi's and I know one intelligent guy why cycles and is a Pedestrian in a 20 Mph home zone and he absolutely hates it. Once again you attempt to twist words buy attempting to portray that I would put the unban speed limit up to 55 Mph. The alleged road safety benefits of traffic Calming are less than clear, heavily traffic calmed Burnley reported a 44% reduction in child deaths over the past seven years, yet Ribble Valley with minimal traffic calming also reported a fall of 42% despite being far away from any A&E department. The reduction in road deaths is a good thing, but may be mostly due to better paramedic ambulance services and now the air ambulance service. Better medical provision was introduced alongside traffic calming, it may be wrong to give traffic calming all the credit when its contribution may be minimal. I believe that casualties have been cut by 15% in the Borough of Barnet since they ripped out existing traffic calming, casualties for cyclists dropped by twice the London average.
It would appear that the safety-fascists have been riding on improvements in paramedic ambulance service and more recently the widespread introduction of Air Ambulances. Its dead easy for the Corporate Nazi's to deny the improvements in emergency care and keep the credit for falling road deaths for themselves, just like at present they are totally dismissing the impact of free bus passes for the elderly and taking many " blind " drivers off the road. It is said that 1 in 6 current drivers would fail the current dead easy driving eye test, but yet no proposals for annual simple NHS free eye tests from the road safety lobbyists.
As for the alleged green jobs aspect it is fair to say that wind farms do employ lots of people in their construction, however, the Thanet Array wind farm has only created 21 permanent jobs, perhaps the most expensive jobs in history at that. We would be far better employing people to adapt to possible future climate change by launching projects like a national grid for water. Just two pipes needed one from Kielder to London and another from the lake district intersecting in Yorkshire, it could be all run on gravity no pumps needed. Similarly building up sea defences, all jobs that can be done by anybody with minimal training and don't involve any imports like wind farms and solar. All the concrete and steel used in wind farms would be far better invested in both a Severn and Morecambe bay barrage, but once again the eco-fascists are objecting to that.
NN 04/04/2011
#21 Sasha
If you had taken the time to read Friday's blog it would be clear to you that I am all for reducing our environment ( stop consumer credit on anything incapable of lasting at least 30 years ) and the only reason I am so apparently passionate about my position is that CO2 theory is being used as an excuse to introduce Nazi policy. I'm actually just watching the rise of Hitler again on Yesterday and its clear that he would never have got off the ground politically without the support of the Wandervogel ( the greens ).
Once upon a time ( 1995 ) I was almost on the point of joining the Green Party, and as a competent practical engineer contacted all the alleged green groups on the fact that their traffic calming doubled polution and it was therefore not a true environmentally friendly policy. I also suggested easy ways to change the tax on goods vehicles to encourage long distance rail ( charge road tax by mileage on a hub odometer ) and other practical cost effective suggestions to reduce transport emissions. No reply from any of my correspondance so I actually rung Friends of the Earth head office and allegedly talked to the then top man, only to be slagged off with loads of abuse for daring to question what has now become their quasi-religion.
I must admit that I don't trust anybody in a suit these days, and I later found that an excellent 1976 OU prog on aerodynamics ( which confirmed my practical experience ) I saw in the 1980s had its micro-film transcript botched to make unreadable. Perhaps that's because it contradicted all the aerodynamics propaganda being put out in the 1990 and continued to this day. It looks like these people who claim to be scientists are into the equivalent of burning books just like the Nazi's and therefore I do not trust any alleged science or scientists these days.
Just a few observations on the theoretical value of facebook, which can become addictive for some people although I very much doubt that any of the current users I know would actually pay for it. I've lost track of exactly how long I have been using it but it is true to say that it was far better in its original 2008 format.
Things were once simple, you had a home page and a news feed function, you could start a group if you had any particular axe to grind on any topic. The chat function was also useful for swapping information with friends. The chat function is the only thing that's good about facebook these days, so much so that it stuffed MSN live messenger which was actually better for chat, the latest MSN chat is just an imitation of the facebook format.
The main hurdle now is that its no longer easy to set up a workable group, and they have changed the page format to discourage people having a discussion function. Then there are the new " like " pages which usually only post group views on the main page, others hidden in the background. There was once a way around the attempted censor but now its impossible to post live links in comments. In fact facebook is becoming evermore useless as a medium to spread ideas compared to what it was originally. Even though I have loads more friends now many appear less online now than they did originally.
In fact the novelty is wearing off for many people, they only adverts they try to target at me are dating sites, for which I have no real interest. You can actually remove the adds and they ask you why in a multi choice question. I don't do applications anymore either and have them blocked from others posting on my page. Having said that I have met some interesting people and it saves me from doing Google searches for many of the links I post on the NN blog.
NN 27/04/2011
Like most of the people who allege to be on the left of British politics it would appear that you have totally lost the plot as its not a left / right question anymore. Obama is just another Corporate Nazi puppet and perhaps they have furnished him with a birth certificate in order to get him back in to carry on their Corporate Nazi globalist plan. It would appear that the Republicans don't have any decent candidates in the pipeline to oppose him, ( except for perhaps Ron Paul who is too old ) they all do just what Wall Street tells them to do anyway ?
Sasha #23
I would say that Obama has been worse than useless, at least the American public at large put an end to his eco-fascist ambitions although he is trying the dictator stunt introducing stuff via the EPA and the back door. Then there was health care, and all that he could manage was a welfare state for the private insurance companies which doesn't benefit any of the US population in general and in fact costs most people more whether they can afford it or not. He has wasted trillions providing a welfare state for the Banks and their stock market parasites to a point where even the US could end up requesting an IMF rescue package.
NN 28/04/2011
I can't help speculating that the real reason both Blair and Brown were not invited to said wedding is that the full truth behind the Climate Change Scam is bound to come out fairly shortly. Of course of all the politicians both Blair and especially Brown and his link to Copenhagen have got extremely dirty underpants on alleged green policy. Of course eco-fascist leaning Prince Charles will have to abdicate thus leaving the field wide open for a new clean start with William as the next King ?
The Geeens are a Trojan horse for what has become Corporate Nazism, thats how Hitler got in in Germany starting with support from the wandevogel.
The greens are an exact mirror image of the German Nazis, the only thing different is that the real greens have got it in for all low income people. Their plan is to freeze and starve low income people to death ( whilst maintaining the highest profit margin possible for the private companies involved ) in Warsaw style ghetto's, the groundwork for such being the heavy traffic calming introduced in low income areas over the past 20 years or so particularly in Muslim neighbourhoods.
More outings by the likes of Chowdray and the political will could be there to do it ?
NN 09/05/2011
#9 Sasha
I suppose you must take great pride in defending the people festering government policies to appease this guy, and there are plenty more alleged socialist greens out there backing him as well I suspect. They have already started on the " getting rid of defectives " ( freeze and starve the chronically sick to death ) bit with the recent welfare reforms, but its OK to have totally disabled people in private homes where they can be battery farmed and not given enough money to be able to smoke so they technically live longer and the corporations can make more profit for longer.
Its high time the gloves came off when dealing with these disgusting people feeding off the poor, but I suppose that you would prefer to be nice to the crocodile and hope that it will eat you last ?
#25 Sasha
The thing is about these Corporate Nazi's ( eco-fascists, health-fascists and safety fascists ) is that they just simply don't care about the impact of the measures they suggest on low income people. Perhaps the greatest link is ex stock market parasite Lord David Freud, who would appear to be the main architect of said welfare reforms, perhaps nothing to do with well researched IDS. The thing is that if you suffer from a long term illness there is little chance of you gaining secure employment in the private sector based on your medical records if you are truthful about it. I just hope that you never have to survive on 65 quid a week when not being able to keep warm means a life in agony, its bad enough as it was with incapacity benefit.
Similarly privatising the Motorways, people are already paying the equivalent of 10% stealth income tax on minimum wage on an average commute by car. Add in extra tolls and the cost of the electronic gadgets they will fore you to purchase and its not really worth working anymore, but perhaps some would love to put our relative basic human rights back into the 18th century. Its all false economic growth for the benefit of private corporations, I suspect that any plan to privatise the motorways is anti-competitive, as it will give the large players like Stobart the chance to get cheap mass access deals. All the competition in road haulage will be forced out, they big players will be able to charge anything they like and smaller manufacturing companies will go to the wall whilst inflation will rocket hitting the poorest hardest especially on food costs.
Of course that doesn't matter if you are a committed socialist and view the world through rose tinted glasses, if you had followed my NN blogging since 2007 you would have seen my Corporate Nazi thesis evolve. I was sparring with Jaded-Jean then and made it quite clear that Corporate Nazism is all about socialism for the benefit of multinational corporations, naked capitalism for ordinary people. Its not the same as Stalinism or the German Nazi's, but what their basic ideology behind them has evolved into in the 21st century.
Mork #39
" We are, obviously, heading back that way now."
now which way would that be, there are green shoots of the supertanker turning away from KKKorporate ideology, for one ID cards were scrapped, and now likewise the end of fines for putting the wrong thing in your bin. Its not all gloom and if you get into the confidence of quite senior grass roots Tories they are not best pleased with the Climate Scam etc. The thing is that none of them can get it around their head that we may have to default on the national debt, which is ultimately our only way out of the black hole global finance has become.